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Shoulder Gaurd

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The equine shoulder areas are a main point in motion and alignment. If stiffness occurs there it can create challenges for your horse. The cap of the scapula, the area of the shoulder blade below the wither is an important area on your horse. Horses have a wide range of motion in their shoulder that begins at the cap of the scapula, so if that is blocked the other muscles will not be able to work properly. These muscles need to be balanced well so that the horse can function symmetrically and have nice flow from that functional axis of rotation.

How do Back on Track’s Infrared products work?

Back on Track’s Infrared textiles are a textile using technology that recycles infrared and visible light into energy. When placed next to the body, this energy is redirected back to the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels of local body tissues. This can help to improve your horse’s comfort, recovery and performance in a very simple application.

Try our very popular product today to help their range of motion/recovery or to help prevent any shoulder rubbing when your horse is blanketed.