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Luna Women's Vest

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This vest is fully loaded for optimal comfort in cold weather. The Luna has a two-way zipper with zip guards and zoned Iontex® lining in the upper body and neck area to help with circulation where you need it. Two front pockets with concealed zippers with a slim fit that skims your body. High-quality ripstop fabric with a quick drying faux down filling from Dupont®.

Iontex® is our special mineral infused fabric that can help to improve circulation by increasing Nitric Oxide in your body.

Nitric oxide is a molecule that’s produced naturally by your body, and it’s important for many aspects of your health. Its most important function is vasodilation, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase circulation. Nitric oxide production is essential for overall health because it allows blood, nutrients and oxygen to travel to every part of your body effectively and efficiently.

The filling is made from renewable plant-based materials and is ECO efficient. Synthetic insulation is designed to replicate the qualities of down but retain them even when wet. It’s made with polyester fibers that are arranged in different sized filaments and intertwined, mimicking down’s lofty clusters. These ultrafine fibers trap warmth in air pockets, providing great warmth.

Iontex® – DuPont®filling – Synthetic down – Hidden pockets – Lightweight – Swedish design – Tailored