Probio+ For Dogs

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Intestinal health for dogs of all ages canine-specific probiotics

Pre & probiotics for periods of mild stress
Improves your dog’s health Long-lasting benefits

During periods of mild stress, add the recommended serving to the dog’s food once a day, for six days.To maintain the beneficial effects, serve three times a week.

Sprinkle on dry or canned food, on treats or mix with your dog’s drinking water. Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Regulates stool and flatulence
Facilitates the introduction of a new diet
Rebalances the intestinal flora
Helps rebuild the intestinal flora during environmental stresses
Promotes health and luster
Increases natural enzymes
Strengthens the immune system
Maximizes the benefits of food



Size: 14 pouches 1g | 14 g net weight