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Great White North Coat - Long & Lean

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The Long & Lean sizes fit dogs with a narrow rib cage, deep chest, and a long body. Inspired by the unique body shape of Sighthounds, the Long & Lean sizes often provide a superior fit for highly conditioned athletic dogs, popular designer hybrids, and other dogs that have both a deep, narrow chest and a long, lean physique.

The Great White North™ coat is designed maximum warmth, durability and safety in mind. All of our coats are Canadian made and feature an “Easy On, Easy Off” design. The coat is simply slipped over the dog’s head, then the “Y” shaped belly panel is pulled down and back between the front legs, then pulled up over the dog’s back where the buckles are fastened and the webbing is adjusted.

Temperature Guide: -10°C to -30°C / 14°F to -22°F